Stoquart Americas
is now Scriptis
Translations inc.

2019 was a pivotal year for Stoquart Americas, thanks in large part to you. Over the past year, we have carried out several major projects aimed both at strengthening our position as a Canadian leader in the translation industry and at expanding our geographic reach. Among these projects:

  • we opened an office in Toronto;
  • we acquired a translation company called Scriptis, specialized in financial services, and onboarded its 4 members into our larger team;
  • we extended our global network of reliable partners so that we can help you with more than 60 languages.

After executing all of these projects, Stoquart Americas changed its name to Scriptis.

This change of company name is a milestone in our evolution towards a position from where we can add greater value to your business, offering you more expertise and more advice when you will need it, in Canada, in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Finally, the entire Stoquart Americas’ team (now Scriptis) hope it can share with you the many advantages of our evolution. It is with this spirit of mind, proud and motivated, that we enter 2020.