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Our team of more than 20 employees includes 18 translators, revisers, and writers as well as five project managers. All of our translators have university degrees in translation, and several are members of OTTIAQ, the association that certifies professionals translators, terminologists and interpreters in Québec. We are also certified under two industry standards that relate to translation service providers: CAN/CGSB-131.10 and ISO 17100. These are just some of the skills that ensure a rigorous review process for all projects.

Stoquart Americas is the only Canadian-owned translation agency that has real offices in Canada and Europe.


projects delivered each year

40 million

words translated each year


in-house professionals in translation, revision, writing, and project management


A certified translator and founding president of Stoquart Americas, Fabien holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Montréal and is an OTTIAQ member in good standing. After a career in information technology, he returned to his first passion, devoting himself to translation, initially as a freelancer. He is a board member of the Canadian Language Industry Association (AILIA). He has also been a board member of Quebec’s Association of Linguistic Services Managers, where he co-founded and chaired the committee dedicated to the enhancement of the value of Canadian language services.

After spending seven years as a linguistic reviser and translator for CGI, an IT consulting firm, Benoît joined the Stoquart team in July 2008, where he would become partner and General Manager three years later. He now handles the operational aspects of the firm: technologies, processes and procedures, quality system, etc. Since 2017, he and his colleagues have been working on a major project to achieve certification under the ISO 17100 and CGSB-131.10 standards, which came to fruition in February 2018.

Dimitri was born, studied, lives and works in Mons – so, definitely the place to be! He is a translator, wheeler-dealer, entrepreneur, and networker. He is also a workaholic, which perhaps explains how he manages to successfully run a business and still find time for his lovely red-haired wife and his 6-kid blended family! In between everything else he enjoys city mini-holidays, museums, old books, and pleasant restaurants.

Stoquart Americas Team

After completing her college degree, Stéphanie changed her mind several times (too often, if you ask her mother) about what she wanted to do next. She began a Bachelor's degree in Communication and another in French teaching (in high schools), but ended up turning to translation. She then completed her Bachelor's degree remotely on a part-time basis while working full-time. That's when she discovered her interest in administrative tasks.

Kim has always learned new languages with ease. She began her studies at Cégep du Vieux Montréal in Arts and Literature, with a major in languages. She studied Spanish, German and sign language. While studying translation at Université de Montréal, she was introduced to other languages such as Japanese and Italian. Communicative, independent and passionate about her work, Kim joined the Stoquart team in March 2018 as a project coordinator. This position gives her an overview of every facet of the world of translation.

An inquisitive thinker and book lover, Christine majored in translation at the University of Montreal. After three internships in various fields, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2011, then began her career as a translator at a large company. She joined the Stoquart team as a translator in 2019. Recently, Christine has become enthralled with the Japanese language, whose mysteries she is currently trying to crack.

A lifelong lover of arts and literature, Andréa explored the fields of literature and linguistics before finding her path in translation. After graduating with a bachelor's degree from the University of Montréal, she joined Stoquart as a full-time translator. She tackles a variety of subjects on a daily basis and loves to face stimulating new challenges with each assignment that comes her way. Surrounded by the translators, revisers, and managers who are her co-workers, Andréa thrives when doing what she loves: learning and writing.

A lifelong lover of literature, Audrey-Anne has been a voracious reader since childhood. She majored in French literature at the University of Montréal, then quickly shifted to translation. After graduating, she got her first job as a translator at Stoquart, where she can satisfy her love of reading and her curiosity.

After completing her Bachelor's degree in translation at Université de Montréal in 2012, Marie-Claude worked as a project manager for a few years, then returned to her first love on a full-time basis in 2015. A specialist in retail, she joined the Stoquart team in December 2018.

Karine got her bachelor's degree in translation in late 2017. She then joined the team at Stoquart as a translator, where she leverages her keen interest in the French language and her desire to help share information.

After studying literature, Andréa earned a bachelor's degree in translation from the University of Sherbrooke. She got started as a translator in the in-house translation department of a large retail chain before joining the team at Stoquart. Since then, she has put her talents to use on tourism, marketing, and business texts, with a few side trips into technology and administration. It's a real joy for her to discover new horizons each day!

After a career spent between forestry and teaching, Olivier set his sights on translation, and joined the Stoquart team in 2010. He started as an intern and gradually discovered a wide variety of texts in a dynamic, educational environment. After beginning revision in 2014, he now devotes his time to this complex art.

With a bacherlor's degree in Hispanic studies from Concordia University and a certificate in Spanish-to-French translation from the University of Montréal, Marie-Pier joined Stoquart in 2017 as a project coordinator. What she enjoys in her work is the unknown, the variety, and the team's warm, cheerful feel.

After a very eclectic career that involved zigzagging between art, comic books, cabinetmaking, writing and Germanic studies, Maude finally turned to translation. A certified translator since 2013, she first worked as a freelancer for a few years before joining the Stoquart Americas team in November 2018.

After studying theatre at the University of Ottawa, Annie changed her focus to translation at the University of Montréal. In October 2017, she joined Stoquart as a translator. Her primary fields include retail, tourism, and food. What she brings to the team is her energy and many passions, including fashion, animals, home improvement, reading, theatre, movies, television, the outdoors, and video games!

After a diverse career in IT, technical support, video games localization testing and linguistics, Luc specialized in technical and scientific translation at university and worked as a freelancer before joining Stoquart Americas.

After studying history and gaining experience in coordination and administration, Jacinthe moves on to earn a degree in translation. Once she graduated, she joined the Stoquart team, where she has served as a translator for nearly four years. A lover of history and literature, she loves to find the right words to express everything around her.

After a Master's degree in Comparative Literature and a detour in teaching female artistic gymnastics, Céline earned a BA in Translation at McGill University. Shortly after, she began an internship at a major Canadian jewelry store, then accepted a job in the linguistic services department of a retail store chain before ending up at Stoquart. Since then, she has mainly translated texts for the retail market.

At a very young age, Valérie dreamed of becoming a writer. After an extended stay in the field of teaching and mathematics, Valérie found her way in literature and language, then chose translation before joining the Stoquart team. She translates, revises, reads and proofreads, writes content, and sometimes, erases it all to start over again!

Myriam has always had a keen interest in languages and writing so she first studied languages then turned to translation, a field that intrigued her. Shortly after obtaining a Bachelor's degree in translation from Université de Montréal, she joined the Stoquart team as a translator, where she hopes to broaden her knowledge and hone her skills in a profession she is passionate about.

Vincent has more than 15 years' experience in the field of translation and communication. He was a proofreader at SDL International, then switched to business-to-business marketing as a content writer, translator, and reviser at Soleil Communication de Marque. He has been a linguistic quality manager and reviser at Stoquart for nearly 10 years.

A lover of reading from a very young age with a knack for learning languages, Anne chose to blend her passion and her linguistic skills into translation. In 2011, just after graduating from the University of Sherbrooke, she joined the Stoquart team as a novice translator. She now plies her trade with gusto, as it enables her to expand her horizons, enhance her vocabulary, and explore different universes. With an appetite for challenge, she would like to use her experience to help her co-workers, whether they are new or experienced.

Karina worked for the Government of Québec for a long time, particularly managing schedules and payroll. After developing a passion for management, in 2015 Karina became the head of project management at Stoquart, where she makes good use of her leadership and teamwork skills.

Translation is the latest of many careers for Elizabeth, who is driven by her curiosity and insatiable imagination. After working in management and human resources, Elizabeth joined Stoquart in March 2017 as a translator and language manager. Elizabeth is a fierce protector of human and animal rights.

Isabelle has been passionate about words since her childhood and so decided to combine her interest in literature and languages by choosing a career in translation. After freelancing for five years, she worked in offices for over eight years and just recently joined the Stoquart team. Her love of translation has never wavered and she is always eager to learn and find the right words!

A lover of reading and writing with a degree in professional translation from the University of Sherbrooke, Jessica made her first foray into the world of translation at Stoquart in 2012. Since then, she has continued honing her skills by working on a wide variety of texts. Her first love, however, hasn't changed: Technical texts that take her into unexpected, fascinating fields.

After a diverse career in the retail sector, Lynda decided to reconcile her interest in languages and literature with her desire to take on new challenges, and set her sights on translation. Once she finished her Bachelor's degree, she worked as a translator in an in-house translation department before joining the Stoquart team at the end of 2018, where she discovered like-minded people with a passion for arts and literature.

A lover of languages and culture, Kio has studied movies, marketing, and advertising. She joined Stoquart as a project coordinator to put her knowledge of management and communications into practice. She loves facing new challenges each day!

After a DCS in soft sciences, a bachelor's in translation marked by four internships and two labour strikes, and a short stint as a freelancer, Étienne arrived at Stoquart in early 2014. After expanding his horizons to include marketing, IT, and technical translation, he recently made his way into revision. A jack of all trades, driven by the unexpected, he loves getting to the office without knowing what he's in for.

With eight years' experience in accounting, Tatiana joined Stoquart's team in November 2017 as an accounting technician. She holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and auditing, as well as an attestation of collegial studies in computerized financial management. Self-reliant, responsible, exacting, and careful, Tatiana is always ready to work as part of a team and expand her theoretical, methodological, and practical knowledge, whether in accounting, management, or communications.

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