The Stoquart Quality


A connection to the world.

With its own translators working on multiple continents, Stoquart allows you to speak your clients' language anywhere in the world. Whether you're a local company seeking export markets, or just looking for a single point of contact for all your translation needs, Stoquart Americas is the solution you can trust.


A single point of contact in the Americas and in Europe.

Enlisting different translation vendors for each market where you sell your products and services could end up making your communications inconsistent and needlessly complex. As a single point of contact present on two continents, Stoquart lets you centralize all your translation needs, regardless of the target country, as well as your needs for writing, revision, and linguistic adaptation.

And because we're spread out in different time zones, Stoquart has 14 hours of productive time each day, which enables us to respond to your most urgent requests, even for large translations!


A local translation.

We have always made use of our team of in-house translators whenever possible, to ensure the professionalism and consistency of our services. We employ nearly 60 translation specialists, which enables us to complete the vast majority of projects in-house. The translation is completed locally, meaning in the country it is intended for, because local translators know better than anyone the country's unique cultural and linguistic features.


Our coordinators: Your dedicated contacts.

Project management is handled by whichever Stoquart office the requests are routed through. That means you'll still have your coordinator, who handles your assignments and remains your main contact for all of your projects. The project coordinator divides the work between translators, oversees the whole process and then delivers the projects. As the link between you and our teams, he or she is aware of your unique features and specific needs, ensuring that your project will be delivered on time and as required.


A quality guarantee.

Stoquart is certified under two standards that relate to translation service providers: CAN/CGSB-131.10 and ISO 17100, which provides a rigorous review process for all projects. Tasked with securing quality and applying the instructions, our linguistic managers are experts who attest to the accuracy of the translations delivered.

Quality at Stoquart

A solution focused on your needs first and foremost.

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